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Victor Paul Borg has published more than one million words, as well as thousands of pictures, all published in books and magazines and newspapers in every corner of the world. His writing and photography mostly focuses on travel, geography, nature, food, environmental issues, and the tourism trade. He has become a specialist in travel writing generally.  


His long freelance writing career has taken him far: Victor has immersed himself in various cultures, living in half a dozen countries and spending more than a year, in cumulative stints, in another five countries. In Asia, which he knows particularly well, he has done many inimitable and intrepid journeys – trekking in many Asian mountain ranges, sojourning with traditional fishermen, hunting with blowpipe in forests with hunter-gatherers, travelling on horseback with nomadic Tibetans and Mongols – as well as tamer forays, writing variedly about city allures, including art and architecture and cuisine, and even reviewing a lot of upscale resorts and hotels.


The breadth of his work as a roving travel writer and photographer, coupled with his vast cross-cultural experiences, has given him expert gleanings in travel and tourism. And in recent years he has used such specialist tourism knowledge to do some other related work: this includes tourism consultancy for various businesses and entities, marketing campaigns for tourism businesses, logistics planning and leading for international TV documentary makers, and photography tutoring or coaching in classes or during tours. Victor has also been designing and leading a few exclusive adventure journeys every year, taking small groups of travellers on pure and meaningful experiences in destinations that are beyond the tourist circuits (these tours mostly play out in the mountains of western China, a place Victor knows intimately).


If you are interested in engaging Victor for one of his services, then begin by exploring the relevant area of your interest in this website.  


Photography Tours

Improve your travel photography in practical coaching during travels to inspiring locations - choose from short or long itineraries [more info...]

Travel Adventures

Drawing on specialist knowledge and experience, Victor organises expeditions to wild landscapes and cultural frontiers [more info...]

Content Wizardry

Any type of content or written communications, including PR and marketing, will benefit from Victor’s wizardry with words [more info...]

Imagery Tutorship

Learn photographic theory and practice at any level, either in a private tutorship or in small-class formation [more info...]


Victor Borg showing pictures to farmers.


 Victor has lived in 6 countries in 3 continents; he understands Asian cultures intimately. 

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 Victor's creative nonfiction is varied: essays & memoirs, geography & travel, tourism & environment, columns & features 

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 Victor has explored dozens of countries; he knows China, Southeast Asia, & the Mediterranean very well.

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 Victor has written extensively about food; he has studious and practical knowledge of Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Thai & Mediterranean cuisines.

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