Travel Photography Tours

Join Victor Paul Borg in one of his photography tours, courses, or outings, and learn the skills that have made him a world-class specialist in travel and geographic photography. Victor has an impressive track record: his photographs of travel, landscapes, cultures, food, ethnicities, and lifestyle are widely published in books and magazines in every corner of the world; and he tutors amateur photographers at the Gozo Centre for Arts & Crafts, a leading arts school in Malta.  


He conducts photography tours in southwest China, and he also organises shorter outings or workshops in travel photography in Malta’s sister island Gozo. Below are outline descriptions about these two different photographic experiences.  




 Island Photography Outings

Would you like to take pictures of some of Gozo’s most spectacular landscapes and architectural charms, improving your photography and getting a set of memorably evocative photographs? Then engage Victor as a tutor for a day or more, and gain from Victor’s experience – instead of visiting the famously jaded viewpoints, you will get insider tips and visit unseen places, the kind of special places that only those with intimate geographical knowledge of Gozo know about. We are talking about dramatic and secluded landscapes, architectural settings tucked in hidden corners of some of Gozo’s most charming towns, and the farmers and fishermen that define Gozo’s rural ethos. Victor’s long experience in photographing Gozo means that he is able to match location with optimal time of the day for best light, and he knows the rhythms of the rural harvests and traditions. Budding Gozitan photographers find Victor’s knowledge invaluable and his passion infectious, as attested by his well-attended courses at the Gozo Centre for Arts & Crafts, a premiere art school in the Maltese Islands. Programmes are both practical and inspiring; the idea is to spend a day taking a variety of pictures. And programmes or itineraries are customizable: these outings are only organized for individual travels or small private groups on request.    



 West China Photography Tours

Another possibility is to engage Victor’s services in travel leading and photography tutoring in a longer and inimitable tour of the eastern Himalayas in southwest China. These tours play out in the mountains at the eastern fringes of the Tibetan plateau, an area of dense and high mountains that boasts a plethora of outlandish ethnic groups – mostly of Tibetan stock – and rich nature and spectacular landscapes. Tours are designed to offer practical instruction in the genre of travel-photography, and these customizable trips are open for everyone ranging from complete beginners to advanced amateur photographers – most of the instruction is hands-on, conducted on a one-to-one basis, a kind of coaching that is adjustable to the level of each participant within a private group. (Companions of photographers not interested in photography can still join the tour, and find plenty of things to croon about - the places visited are outstanding destinations in their own right, and anyone will find plenty of absorbing things to do that doesn’t necessarily involve photography.)


The whole idea is that we visit a variety of exotic attractions – oasis of culture as well as inspiring landscapes – and that way participants learn to interact with the location and subjects around them through the lens, developing a knack for seeing the world through the camera. Itineraries are designed in a way that allow passage through a range of attractions and landscapes and subjects that lend themselves to different sub-genres of travel photography – in this way we introduce techniques invoked in photographing landscapes, people, action, food, nature, historical monuments, architectural detail and so on – so that participants can practice and hone all the range of skills involved in travel photography.


If interested, please bear in mind that although the travel-photography tours are open to all levels of photographers, from beginners to advanced amateurs, an SLR (whether digital or analogue) is a prerequisite for participation. 



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