Travel Stock Pictures

Victor’s personal image library amounts to more than 5,000 pictures, a collection that is rigorously-edited and digitilised. All pictures have a true resolution of 300dpi and on-interpolated file sizes ranging from 25MB to 60MB; none are digitally altered. A significant part of the collection consists of images that are professionally scanned from professional slide film. All pictures are recent and relevant, and captioned.    


This library of stock images is constituted of major collections pertaining to the following geographic regions and themes:  


West China 

Victor’s collection of images of west China – mostly of Sichuan and eastern Tibet – is one of the most extensive. Broadly speaking, the pictures are of landscapes, travel, lifestyle, culture, city life, rural peasantry, Tibetan sights, and food. Victor also has hundreds of pictures of the main tourist draws of Xian, China’s old capital.  


Southeast Asia 

The collection of images pertaining to Southeast Asia consists of images related to travel, food, culture, festivals, and lifestyle. In terms of regions and countries, several countries are represented: these are Thailand (mostly Bangkok, Thai islands in the Andaman Sea, food and festivals, and some inland rural hinterlands), Laos (mostly Luang Prabang and northern Laos), Borneo (forests and longhouse culture), and the Philippines (mostly Palawan) 


Asian Food 

Victor has lots of pictures of foods pertaining to the cuisines and foodstuffs of East and Southeast Asia – pictures are of dishes, ingredients, markets, street stalls, culture of eating and drinking, tea cultivation and drinking, and so on.  



Libya is represented in hundreds of high-quality pictures of desert landscapes, ancient oasis towns, classical ruins, and sights of Tripoli 



Victor has what is one of the largest – if not the largest – personal library of Malta travel stock: these include pictures of virtually every museum and historical sight (interiors and exteriors), as well as pictures of rural traditions and outdoorsy landscapes in Gozo.  


If you like to purchase stock pictures from Victor’s collection, please write to Victor with details of your picture needs, and he will send you pictures relevant to your request in contact sheets for your perusal. To get an idea of the quality and style of Victor’s photography, browse the picture galleries in this website.


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