Adventure Journeys

Victor organises and leads occasional adventure journeys for groups of travellers. These mostly involve trekking and camping, cultural immersion, nature discovery, and foodie interest; and most of these journeys, which are mostly arranged for private clients on request, take places in the mountains that step up to the Tibetan plateau in west China. Other journeys take place in similarly outstanding places – expeditions in the Sahara Desert, walking and birding in Gozo (Malta’s sister island), and fishing with traditional fishermen in the central Mediterranean.   


Clients engage Victor to go to some of the special places that Victor discovers during his own travels – and to engage in marvelous activities. All travels organised by Victor play out in places on the fringes of the tourist circuits: the idea is to visit destinations not featured in guidebooks or outside the reach of independent travellers or established tour operators. tour operators.  


(In Sichuan, where most of the expeditions take place, Victor takes clients to visit places that are similar in character to the famous attractions but more rewarding in every sense. The milieu is unforgettable: the mountains that divide the Sichuan basin from the Tibetan plateau are some of the densest and highest and remotest mountains in the world – and they hold the richest repertoire of species in temperate zones as well as a variety of outlandish ethnic groups, mostly of Tibetan stock. Itineraries are usually immersive – it could be hiking in pristine wilderness; lodging with Tibetans and learning about their way of life; hunkering down in a farmhouse of Chinese peasants and learning to cook rustic country food, or even learning photography in practical coaching.) 


You can learn find out more about some of the experiences and adventures that can be had by clicking on any of the listings on the panel on the right of this page.   


Below there is a video of a family splashing into a frigid mountain pool after a day’s hike – Victor organised and led a hiking and camping trip for the family. 





Clients' Comments

Karen Celliers & Chen YongKaren Celliers, South Africa

“I would like to thank you heartily for the incredible trip. Bajiaogou is an absolute gem, and the old steam train is the perfect mode of transport to lead one back in time! The trip could not have been more delightful.” 



Gerlinde Plate & familyGerlinde Plate, Germany

“The trek you chose for us was great. It was perfect for the children, and I was surprised that our younger one Finja did the trek without complaints. Everything was well-chosen – the level of difficulty, the variety, and so on – allowing the children to remain engaged and enthusiastic along the way… just at the moment that our youngest was getting bored, there was the horse waiting, and then riding the horse provided another highlight.”  



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